Monday, July 7, 2008

Cool Video on Farmer's Markets

As long as we're talking Farmer's Markets, check out this You Tube video. It addresses how farmers' markets improve communities, support farmers and increase access to fresh, nutritious food in cities.

Philanthromedia, a group that produces interactive content for donors and foundations, created it -- and it can be found on YouTube or on Philanthromedia's own site.

If neither of the embedded links above work with your browser, you can copy and paste the following URL to view the video.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stock Up for the Fourth at the Telluride Farmer's Market

Looking for veggies to throw on that fourth of July BBQ grill? The Telluride Farmer's market is holding forth one day early this week so people can stock up. Their producers are all organic, all local, and represent a food shed of 200 miles.

Thurday July 3rd, 11:30-4:00
Telluride Farmers' Market
S. Oak St. in Telluride below Elks Park across from the county courthouse