Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grass fed beef redux -- order now!

Since looking into the benefits of grass-fed beef, I've become a believer. (See related posts on the benefits of grass-fed beef here, and information on finding producers here.)

If you're a Denverite, as I am, it can be hard to find grass-fed beef in grocery stores. But Sun Prairie Natural Beef offers grass-fed beef twice a year (Spring and Fall) and get this, they deliver. (See related post by clicking here.)

If you want to try an order this fall, it's not too late. Sun Prairie Natural Beef is taking orders through Oct. 31, for delivery November 1&2. You can get started by visiting their web site here.

They provide local, free-range, natural, 100% grass-fed beef to customers throughout the Front Range and eastern plains. Last spring, we ordered a 20# variety pack -- a sumptuous sampler of steaks, roasts, hamburgers and sausage, and we've been feasting on it ever since.

Pick up locations are listed below:

November 1
12:00PM - 12:45PM @ 46 W Bayaud Ave
1:15PM - 2:00PM @ Whole Foods (Tamarac Square)
2:30PM - 3:15PM @ Tattered Cover (Highlands Ranch)
3:45PM - 4:15PM @ The Fort Restaurant (Morrison)
4:45PM - 5:30PM @ Whole Foods (Colorado Mills)November 2
10:00PM - 10:45PM @ Tattered Cover (Colfax)
11:15PM - 12:00PM @ Sunflower Market (Highlands)
12:30PM - 1:15PM @ Dillards (Flatiron Crossing)
1:45PM - 2:30PM @ Target (Boulder)
3:15PM - 4:00PM @ Big Lots (Longmont)
5:30PM - 6:00PM @ Whole Foods (Fort Collins)

If you can't connect over the delivery weekend, they will UPS your order to you on September 3. For sales enquiries, you can email Keith at or call 303-859-2280. For ranch visits contact Tom at 970 -848-3801.

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